Klinkers for traders

Welcome to the family

Delivering quality, as per agreement. We’ve been doing that at Klinkers for years and we don’t want to change that. On that basis, we enjoy doing business with various partners at home and abroad.

Infinite assortment

Are you working with us? Then you become part of the family and gain access to our infinite assortment. We have more than 500 different types of bricks in our permanent recipe book and still mix yellow and red loess clay with aggregates daily to make new variations.

Short lines

Klinkers works with a small, trusted team. We can move quickly over the phone. There is always someone available who is knowledgeable, takes your order or helps you further.

Want to know more about Steenfabriek Klinkers as a supplier?
Call Klinkers at +31 (0) 433 478 333