Steenfabriek Klinkers

Klinkers is a Limburg family business that produces unique bricks. Using clay from the area, we make bricks in all colors, shapes and sizes. In doing so, we build on more than 85 years of knowledge and experience, passed down from generation to generation.

Steenfabriek Klinkers, Bakstenen van hoge kwaliteit

High quality bricks

All our bricks are fired in our traditional flame kiln. The firing process takes a total of 2 weeks. This is relatively long compared to other ovens.

The result? After this long firing time, our bricks are less prone to efflorescence and retain their color extremely well.

Custom bricks

Steenfabriek Klinkers produces all its bricks from red and yellow loess clay. With this, we create stones with a unique individual character. In addition, we make clever use of the temperature differences in our flame furnace to get exactly the color you want. Our assortment is endless!

Craftsmanship and attention to detail

At Klinkers, we value our history. We are modernizing, but sticking to our craft. Klinkers still trains brickmakers, who can make a brick entirely by hand. The stones from our production line are also checked and selected by hand.

Crafting quality bricks since 1938

What can we do for you?

Klinkers supplies bricks full of character to our dealers and partners. We sell bricks from our regular assortment or work with you to create a custom brick. Read more about what we do for our clients below:

Klinkers for traders

An extensive assortment, custom bricks and quick turnaround.

Klinkers for architects

The perfect stone for your design? Make those together with Klinkers.