About Klinkers

Klinkers is a proud family business that produces unique bricks. We build on more than 85 years of experience, passed down from generation to generation.

Using loess clay from the Maastricht area, we make customized bricks. We bake these in our traditional flame oven.

Our range is endless and our bricks, after rigorous selection by hand, are colorfast and of high quality.

Stones with character

Steenfabriek Klinkers makes bricks with individual character. Each stone in our recipe book has its own color, shape and style. You don’t make stones like that overnight. They require a lot of patience, knowledge of your materials and craft precision. Klinkers has. Our family business, was founded by the Klinkers brothers and benefits from more than 85 years of knowledge and experience, passed down from generation to generation in the family. We make traditional bricks. We use increasingly modern techniques for this purpose. These make our work easier and our bricks better, so that we can deliver reliably at home and abroad.

Stones in large and small numbers

Our brick oven operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Large batches we can certainly handle. In doing so, we also keep room for small runs. We’re going to make those. We produce with a small, familiar team that works well together. This keeps us flexible and short lines of communication with each other and with our customers.

Hand shape or handmade

At Klinkers, we hold fast to the roots of our craft. For renovation projects of listed buildings, we make bricks completely by hand, to size. We are one of the few factories where this craft is actively passed on. Thus, we always employ stone formers who can make stones in an artisanal way.

Time does not stand still. Making all our stones by hand is neither possible nor desirable. Most of our bricks are made in a hand-forming plant. This gives our stones a natural look: as if they were handmade. The hand forming installation is suitable for forming large runs of stones, which do not sacrifice anything in terms of appearance and character.

Colorfast, high quality

At Klinkers, we bake our bricks for a relatively long time. They spend two weeks in the oven. In the process, the bricks are heated in several steps and then gradually cooled again. The long baking time has two advantages:

  1. Our bricks retain their color longer than regular bricks.
  2. Bricks from our flame kiln are less susceptible to weathering and external influences.

The temperature differences in the flame oven give our bricks a natural color gradient. That means we can select creatively afterwards: all stones tightly in the same color or a playful variation of related shades.

Want to know more about our family business?
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