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Traditional customized handicrafts

Steenfabriek Klinkers produces hand shaped bricks in all imaginable colors and custom sizes. This process occurs locally even in the traditional way with mostly Limburg loessclay as raw material.

From loess till flame furnace

Our clay composition and firing takes care of the typical color of our stones. We work with pure red and yellow baked clay, on which we use as little as possible additives. When the clay has the correct composition, we turn them into bricks with hand formed shapes. We need to bake your stones in an fire furnace to a stunning end product strength and color. Because of the longer baking times that our flame oven require, the color of our stones is guaranteed for the long term.

Handcrafted makes unique!

Out of the oven we sort our stones manually to guard the right color and quality compositions. The right color and quality composition We also have the ability to produce special types of stones manually formed to your demand. For these unique stones we even developed a separate production line. Our bricks comply to the most recent and stringent quality standards.

Craftsmanshp & character

The strength of our production is translated into unique colorways, rare forms and separate structures. Only in this way will a stone get the special character. We do this with passion for craftsmanship. Passion for perfection of a high quality and durable product.

Endless range

Every person is unique and has specific needs. We focus on fulfilling your explicit needs and preferences. Not only creating a special plaque in itself, but we can also offer specific combinations. By manual mixing In this way we have an endless assortment. In short, traditional customized handicrafts!

Sense & style

In 1938 Steenfabriek Klinkers began as a small family business and over the decades a variety of established our offer assures you of a distinctive stone that perfectly matches your style and feeling.

Solid advice

What you can expect from Steenfabriek Klinkers kunt verwachten and what we stand for, can be summarized in three words: acraft, quality and customization. If you are interested based in additional information or expert advice, we are ready for noncommittal conversation.

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